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Ductile Pipe

USIG offers a full line of ductile iron pipe in both “inch” and “metric” dimensions. We have sizes ranging from 3”(80mm) up to 64”(1600mm) in accordance with the following standards:

ANSI/AWWA C151/A21.5                                           ISO 2531                                                              BS EN 545


Ductile Iron Joint Types

                       - Push-on
                       - Mechanical
                       - Restrained
                       - Flanged
                       - Grooved
                       - Ball

Fabricated Ductile Iron Pipe

USIG is an international supplier for one of the only companies that can fabricate ductile pipe in both "inch" and "metric" dimensions. We can furnish ductile iron fabricated flange pipes from 3"(80mm) up to 64"(1600mm). Flanges can be furnished as 125lb, 250lb, PN10, PN16 and PN25 to meet your project's requirements.

Following is a list of fabricated ductile iron pipe configurations:  Flange x Flange,  Flange x Plain End,  Flange x Bell,  Bell x Plain End and Plain End x Plain End.   Wall pipes can be furnished with standard puddle flanges or thrust-type collars. USIG also offers ductile iron pipe with welded-outlets and taps.     

Ductile Iron Fittings
USIG offers ductile iron fittings in accordance with AWWA C153 & C110, ISO 2531, and BS EN 545. We have access to the largest ductile iron fittings inventories in the USA and overseas.  

Linings and Coatings for Ductile Iron Pipe & Fittings
We can offer cement lining for water applications in accordance with ANSI/AWWA C104, ISO 4179, and EN 545. For wastewater applications, we can offer Protecto 401 ceramic epoxy.  Glass lining is also available for abrasive type liquids.  Exterior coatings can be offered with standard asphalt, epoxy, zinc or primers to meet your requirements.     

Flanged Adaptors, Dismantling Joints, Couplings, Repair Clamps  

USIG is an international distributor for Romac Industries. We have successfully furnished Romac products all over the world.  Please refer to Romac's website for a complete product listing.  www.romac.com

Valves & Fire Hydrants

USIG can supply your V & H requirements in accordance with AWWA and international specifications. 

** Fire Hydrants**Gate Valves**Butterfly Valves**Check Valves**Air-release Valves**
                 and more . . . . . 

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