United States International Group, Inc.

"Your International Source for Water / Wastewater Piping Products"

Like our competitors, we can offer pricing based on your bill of material and specifications. However, USIG has the unique ability to provide a detailed material take-off and quotation from your project plans.  With our understanding of pricing and knowledge of specifications, we can save money and improve lead-times by offering the most economical products while still conforming to the specification requirements. 

USIG can provide a comprehensive submittal package for engineering approvals of the products offered for your project.     

Detailed AutoCAD layout drawings can be provided to assist with approvals, fabrication and pipe installation. 

Project management can be individually designed to meet your company’s requirements for inspection, order tracking, shipping, and documentation. 

USIG understands the importance of accurate documentation for international projects.  It is our goal to provide our customers with timely and accurate documentation to make the international order process hassle free.  In addition, we ensure that your material is packaged correctly, labeled and marked per your requirements.

We can handle your transportation needs from factory to jobsite.  USIG partners with freight companies (inland and ocean) who have knowledge of handling pipe and related products to ensure on-time and damage free deliveries.  


Need a special fitting or fabricated pipe in a hurry?  Please call 205-981-1065 or email jeff@usiginc.com with your requirements.  We have the ability to expedite emergency orders.  USIG can air freight products to anywhere in the world in just a few days. . . .

U.S. International Group, Inc.

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